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Applying visuality, textuality and graphicity in mindmaps to restructure human ecology for living sustainability with equal shares of resources.

More than 'environment', 'place' exists only after people have imagined it. These imaginative structures create a sense of place and unify land, its peoples and other livng things in powerful ways. They are the essence of conservation because they enable people come to value the biophysical elements of town and country as a setting for reconnecting residents with each other and their neighbourhood resources. Enlivened by computer hypermedia to make a mindmap, such a multidimensional graphical structure is a conservation management curriculum. It is a is a navigable knowledge framework for assembling a personal body of knowledge about 'being with others' in multiple lifeworlds.


There is A BLOG, A TWEET a LEARNING MODULE and a FORUM integrated with the site

This website is the home of the COSMOS project dedicated to learning about cultures of sustainability by making multi-subject organised syllabuses