3.2.2 Creating structures Risk
Humanity has evolved from a society mainly concerned with physical realities, such as survival, fears and threats from without, and complete deference to authority, to one engaged in vital interests, such as expansion, trade, travel, social interaction with others, and the concern for our own individual needs, wants, and desires.  Individuals are now clearly seen as mental resources.  The factors to be addressed to release society's resources of individual creativity are, freedom, democracy, the fulfillment and empowerment of the individual, the emergence of fast, complex organization, and the extraordinary power of thought to shape our world for endless development. The keys to creative success are environment and education.
The development of society is a process, not a programme, for creaing social structures. Development is not the result of a set of policies or programmes. It is the result of a process by which society moves from lesser to greater levels of energy, efficiency, quality, productivity, complexity, comprehension, creativity, enjoyment and accomplishment.
There are three essential stages in the process of development. In the first stage the society is prepared to move to a higher level of development through its surplus energies, awareness of possibilities, and its aspiration to see the possibilities through. In the second stage pioneer individuals in society express the aspiration in various ways. Finally, in the third stage the initiative of pioneering individuals are accepted, organized, and integrated in society.
Society grows and develops by introducing new, more advanced and complex structures so it can better use its energies.
On this model. those societies whose citizens are encouraged to engage in the fullest and most enlightened exercise of choice will have the greatest potential for development.
When society seeks to move to the next higher stage of development, existing beliefs, attitudes, behaviours and forms of organization become obstacles that have to be overcome in order for the transition to take place. Progression to each further stage involves a change in attitude and life style. The creation of the necessary social structures to achieve this involves two way interactions between people, organisations and government.